A Leap of Faith!

Well, hello and welcome to Indiana Sarah, a blog inspiring adventures in archaeology. I may not be leaping from a lion’s head to prove my worth, but I am taking a giant leap of faith Indiana Jones style. This, you see, is my first blog post and I’m on a mission to make archaeology exciting.

Whether you are a scuba diver, travel buff, outdoor enthusiast, culture vulture, armchair adventurer, or your interest in the past is limited to, well…. reading this, Indiana Sarah has archaeology adventure inspiration – guaranteed!

I’m going to open up and share my own adventures in archaeology with you, so that you can see exactly what’s possible and dig, dive, discover your own way around the world.

In time, you’ll get:

  • updates from the field;
  • ramblings about my research;
  • interviews with trowel-blazing archaeologists;
  • invitations to my dirty weekends (where you can try a trowel on for size);
  • archaeology news and views from around the world;
  • access to the ‘test pit’ where I trial new equipment and suppliers;
  • project and training opportunities; and
  • free downloadable resources…

Why am I doing this? Because I’m a big believer in access for all, preservation through education and that the past holds the key to our future. I also know that it’s not my heritage, or your heritage, but everyone’s heritage and it’s our collective responsibility to preserve it for the sake of present and future generations.

What’s more, research by English Heritage shows that by understanding the past, we value it; by valuing, it we care for it; by caring for it, we enjoy it; and through enjoyment comes a thirst for understanding.

In order to understand something, I believe we must first be able to access it. That’s where Indiana Sarah comes in. My goal is to bring archaeology to a broader audience; to help us connect with the past in a meaningful way.

So, who am I? I’m Sarah Ward. That’s me in the photo. I’m a maritime archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with 16 years cultural heritage experience. I’ve worked on sites from the Bronze Age to the Modern in over 30 countries, and for organisations including the University of SouthamptonNautical Archaeology Society, UNESCO, Office of Environment and Heritage and ArchaeoMar Australasia – a heritage practice specialising in coastal and marine archaeology and underwater heritage.

Want to know more?

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If you are just having a bit of a surf and have a few minutes spare, visit the About Indiana Sarah page where I share some more of my story with you. You might also like to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram… or better yet, talk to me! Leave you questions and commons below.

Until next time..


Photography by Michaela Skovranova. The shot was taken at Pittwater, just as Sarah makes her first splash of the day, exploring an unmapped shipwreck reef!

About Sarah Ward

I’m Sarah Ward, an archaeologist, commercial diver and factual presenter with 15 years experience, both in and out of the water. I’ve investigated sites ranging from the Bronze Age to the modern, across more than 20 countries. I am on a mission to bring archaeology to a broader audience, helping people to connect with the past in a meaningful way.

'A Leap of Faith!' have 2 comments

  1. February 2, 2015 @ 00:31 Bob Sheppard

    Hi Sarah, well done for creating a blog! As a practitioner with a commitment to public archaeology I believe blogs provide us with an opportunity to engage the public. I look forward to following your adventures.
    Kind regards
    Bob Sheppard
    Archaeologist and Heritage Consultant
    Heritage Detection Australia

    • February 2, 2015 @ 01:43 Sarah

      Cheers Bob, thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback. This is something I’m really passionate about. After all, its not my heritage or your heritage, its humanity’s heritage and everyone should be able to enjoy and engage with it. Great job on your blog too 🙂

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